Specialist Chinese and Oriental valuation days with Lars Tharp

Eminent Antiques Roadshow expert, Mr Lars Tharp assists Hansons Auctioneers specialist Chinese and Oriental valuation days.

Kate Bliss Antique Valuations

With China booming, and with ever more wealthy Chinese billionaires buying back their national heritage - particularly their ceramics and carvings - prices are rocketing for all things Oriental, but especially for antique Chinese porcelain and jade.

Hanson's rising position in the antiques market was confirmed in March 2011 when a rare Chinese vase bearing the mark of the emperor Daoguang (reigned 1821-1850) was sold for a record £192,000. "The vase was brought to our antiques valuation day in Alrewas in Staffordshire" commented Mr Hanson. "On the day of the auction we had bidders on twelve telephone lines competing for the vase. Buyers were phoning in from China, Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, and London.

"We know that, throughout Middle England, further treasures are waiting to be discovered" remarked Mr Hanson. "In the 18th century it is estimated that over two million pieces of Chinese porcelain arrived in England...annually! While in more recent times many pieces of Imperial significance came to country". Helping to identify and research such potentially valuable pieces Hansons are delighted to advise all clients that they have enlisted the services of Lars Tharp, the eminent Chinese and Oriental consultant, well-known from his regular appearances on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow.

"I am delighted to report that Lars Tharp will be visiting our auction showroom on a bi monthly basis" commented Charles Hanson. "With his long experience and expertise Hanson's are now in an even stronger position to advise clients, whether intending to sell in one of our quartlery specialized auctions, or merely seeking information."

Lars Tharp is a well known specialist in Chinese ceramics and Oriental works of art and has appeared on the BBC 1 Antiques Roadshow for over 25 years. Mr Tharp commented, "In the last few years as demand has risen we have seen many important Chinese works emerging from attics, basements and cupboards. And more are likely to follow, not least from the counties of central England where so much wealth was focused during the 19th and 20th centuries. And it doesn't have to be Ming to be worth a fortune. I am looking forward to unearthing some exciting finds across Derbyshire and neighbouring counties"

Mr Lars Tharp will be available for appointments at Hansons auction showroom on Heage Lane, Etwall, Derbyshire, DE65 6LS on Friday 12th September 2014 between 10am-4pm