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Meet the Experts - 08/05/2012

Kate Bliss -
silver and jewellery [more info]

Valuation Days:

Etwall -
Friday 29th June, Friday 14th September, Friday 12th October, Friday 9th November
Leek Wootton - Thusday 14th June, Thursday 13th September, Thursday  8th November

Barry Tillotson
– firearms and weapons specialist

Valuation days:

Etwall - Friday - 20th July, Friday - 28th September, Friday - 9th November

Marty Campos
– military antiques and medals specialist

Valuation days:

Etwall - Friday - 1st June, Friday - 3rd August, Friday - 5th October, Friday - 7th December

Lars Tharp
– Chinese ceramics and oriental works of art specialist [more info]

Valuation days:

Etwall - Friday 15 June, Friday 14 September, Friday 2 November

Heather McPherson
– jewellery consultant and gemmologist

Kevin Bucknall
– toys, books, stamps and collectables specialist

Valuation days:

- Friday 1st June, Friday 6th July, Friday 3rd August, Friday 7th September, Friday 5th October, Friday 2nd November, Friday 7th December

Don Collins
– coin specialist

Notty Hornblower
– vintage costume, textiles and bygones specialist

Claire Howell
– music and memorabilia specialist

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