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How you can rest your head on a pillow fit for a queen - 10/12/2017

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Just a few of the items coming up in our December auctions.

Ever dreamed of resting your head on a pillow case fit for a queen? Well, you can, writes Charles Hanson.

A pillow case used by the late, great Queen Victoria around 1895 is coming up for auction in December, and it could be yours.

It was given to a lady who once worked for the British royal family. Sometimes staff were offered mementos and she said: “I would like a pillow case so I can go to sleep on the same pillow as the Queen if I wish.”

Who can blame her, a wise choice I’m sure. As is so often the case, this find was made at one of our free valuation days. As well as excellent provenance, we know it belonged to Queen Victoria because she only ever used her own bed linen.

To ensure no mistakes were made, her exclusive sheets and pillow cases featured the letter ‘Q’ for Queen. Our example has an estimate of £300-£400 and will be in our December 19-20 Fine Art Auction. In the same sale there will also be some 1937 pillow cases from Buckingham Palace.

Textiles and vintage costume are close to our heart at Hansons and our December Antiques and Collectors Auction, which starts on Wednesday (Dec 13), will include hundreds of textile lots as well as collectables.

Vintage fashion and retro lovers will find everything from bowler hats and an Austrian ballgown from 1910 to a multitude of hats, designer handbags, leather cases and a suit worn in professional musical Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story.

It’s eclectic, it’s colourful and for any fashion or vintage fan a veritable treasure trove. The high-quality handbags in particular are well worth browsing. For anyone still searching for Christmas presents, I can’t recommend it enough.

As well as our collectables and textiles auction on Wednesday (Dec 13), we will be selling silver jewellery and watches on Thursday (Dec 14), ceramics, glass and works of art on Friday (Dec 15) and clocks, barometers, furniture and paintings next Saturday (Dec 16).

Come and immerse yourselves in it all by joining us at our viewing days at our saleroom in Heage Lane, Etwall, on Tuesday (Dec 12) from 11am-5pm and Wednesday (Dec 13) from 9am-7pm.

And if you’re sitting on an heirloom that might just be worth something, we’d love to see you. Pop down to Hansons on Tuesdays, from 10am-4pm, for free jewellery valuations. Plus, we offer free general antique valuations on Wednesdays from 5-7pm, Fridays from 9am-4pm and Saturdays from 9am-noon.

Finally, if you were among the hundreds of people who joined us at Hansons for the filming of the Bargain Hunt Christmas Special on November 23 – which saw me donning a Santa outfit – I can tell you that it will be screened on Friday, December 15 at 12.15pm.

I do love putting my home county on the map but I couldn’t do it without the fantastic support of the people of Derby. Hope some of you see yourselves on the TV show.


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